We were pleased to launch our brand-new microbiome-focused data to support aurafirm's ever-increasing capabilities at SCS this month. The full results of this new data can be found in the new datapack, linked below, but we have picked out some highlights:

new data

1. Viability of Lactobacillus

RESULTS SUMMARY: Lactobacillus bacteria in aurafirm P are dead (in red/orange) but remain intact, meaning they will act similarly to live bacteria when applied to the skin – a probiotic-like effect. They will have a slow-release effect as they are sitting on an oat-based matrix. 

2. Bacterial Count

RESULTS SUMMARY: aurafirm P has the highest bacterial count of all aurafirmgrades. Lactobacillus bacteria (red) account for 6% of the product’s solid matter, indicating a high concentration of prebiotic oat material.

bacteria count

3. Effects on Bacteria Adhesion and Growth

RESULTS SUMMARY: aurafirm N has a selective effect on the growth of three skin-prominent bacterial communities, enhancing the growth of S. epidermidis (good bacteria), whilst hindering that of Corynebacterium spp and P. aeruginosa (considered pathogenic when growth is not controlled). 



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avenaplexAvenaPLex Update 

AvenaPLex, our unique and powerful natural oat active, has garnered substantial interest across the beauty and personal care markets since its launch. Further research has shown that AvenaPLex could also be a highly effective ingredient for use in industrial, animal and pharmaceutical products.More information about these industries and applications can be found here.