Customised skin care for the DIY fanatic

Aldivia has been very innovative with their Nutrivia Oil + 3-in-1 DYI kit. 

The kit comprises of 4 natural oil blends and a miscellar water mist which can be used either individually, or to make you own emulsions in the palm of your hand before applying them to your face! The formulations contain vegetable oils that were carefully selected to claim radiance, soothing, anti-ageing and moisturisation. These were combined with the oil-soluble polyfunctional ingredients from the patented Viamerine range, ingredients from the Viazest range and ingredients from the Viatenza range.

The Viamerine range consists of vegetable derived polyglycerides that can be used in skin care applications such as anti-wrinkle, moisturing, SPF boosting, pigment dispersion and water-resistance applications, and in hair care as moisturising and improved hair shine.

The Viatenza range consists of 100% vegetable derived, amphiphilic water-dispersible oils. These can be used in cleansing, massage and bath oils, emulsions, as a foam booster and also to incorporate a water-based active into a clear oil.

It is the combination of the Viamerine and Viatenza in the oils and in the in the mist that forms the emulsion in your palm.

The Viazest range consists of plant extracts in high oleic sunflower oil.