Natural hair conditioning - just a clever marketing trend?

Consumers are currently looking for ingredients that could replace silicones and traditional conditioning agents in hair care products, but can these alternatives deliver the same efficacy? 

Based on Euromonitor’s most recent report, botanicals are the fastest growing ingredient category in hair care with most companies launching products featuring nature-inspired ingredients which are set to attract more consumers. The share of natural emollients within conditioning ingredients is increasing, similarly to the trend in skin care products.

Plantsil (Natura-tec) mimics the feel of silicones via vegetable based materials. At 1%, it is compatible with common surfactants and co-surfactants, and its performance on hair matches the performance of 1% dimethicone regarding brightness, wet combing and shine.

Abysoft (Natura-tec) is an ‘intelligent’ active that combines and enhances the benefits of Crambe Oil with the bio-active effects of phytosterols. Studies on hair application showed Abysoft to improve hair elasticity with almost 200%, hair brightness with more than 50% after 12 washes or treatments, and showed an immediate volumising and conditioning effect.

Promois WJ (Seiwa Kasei): Did you know that pea protein, one of the many plant-derived proteins we offer, has a similar amino acid composition to wool keratin? This means one can expect hair repair in a similar way to that of keratin but you will be able to make a ‘natural’ or ‘green’ claim when you use Seiwa Kasei’s Promois WJ. It has an affinity for damaged hair – not only does it provides a smooth surface on the cuticle, but it penetrates, moisturises and strengthens damaged hair strands.

Fenusoft Q (Nisarg) is a quaternised, galactomannan – containing powder, extracted from fenugreek seeds using solvent-free extraction. It is substantive to hair, giving exceptional slip, improved wet and dry combing and superior conditioning.