There’s more to what meets the eye…

Our industry is dynamic – never a moment to get too comfortable, and not consider the latest colour and optical illusion trends summarised by Kobo Products.

  • Marsala is the colour of the year.
  • Alphabet creams like BB and CC creams are focusing on specific areas such as eyes, lips, etc.
  • Foundations are ultra-thin, anhydrous or silicone-based, which works perfectly with Kobo’s silicone-loving treated pigments.
  • “Green” foundations are water-based and silicone-free. Caprylic/capric triglycerides plus Kobo’s microspheres gives a silicone-like feel.
  • Transformable textures – thin and powdery
  • Pressed powders trend towards SPF protection and long-lasting claims – Kobo’s FS-treated pigments are geared for this application.
  • High definition finishing powders contain no pigments. Contouring is achieved by applying microspheres, seracite or mica (white or pink for fair skin; orange for dark skin).
  • Primers are back, claiming soft focus, containing pore and wrinkle fillers, and colour-correcting pigments. Kobo offers pink for radiance on fair skin and orange for dark skin. Kobo’s green neutralises red patches and yellow works for under-eye circles or sallow skin.
  • Instant visual effects can be obtained by Kobo’s Mattifying stick, which, like a magic wand, makes large pores and shine disappear.
  • Lip products – lip gloss (high shine, little colour), lacquer (high shine, more colour) and long-lasting lipsticks are trending. Kobo’s INBP dispersions are recommended for substantivity on lips and skin and for long-lasting effects, the Koboguard range (water- and solvent-based film formers) is ideal.
  • Eye brow gels and eye brow waxes for shapely, natural-looking eye brows – Kobo guideline formulations available.

So, colour yourselves beautiful, and keep this clever quote in mind ‘It’s better to be late than to arrive ugly!’