Oil-loving actives required?

We’ve all seen the trend towards oil-based cosmetic products such as cleansing oils for hair and skin, shaving oils, shower oils and even leave-on skin oils. These have become very popular and manufacturers are competing for shelf space. Why? 

Many of the traditional oil-free cleansers strip our skins of their natural oils. This prompts the skin to produce more oils to compensate for the imbalance, and this excessive production of oil results in more problematic skin. Besides the fact that these oils do not interfere with the skin’s natural pH balance, they bind to surface impurities without clogging the pores, and allow them to be rinsed off.

Give your product some unique claims by considering the following actives:

Marine BlueVital C

(Natura-tec) stimulates collagen synthesis. In vivo tests, using 1.5% of the active, show significant and visible anti-wrinkle activity. It stimulated collagen and elastin synthesis. This active is used in our Anti-ageing Explosive Cocktail oil-serum, in our Cherry Plumping lipstick and in our non-greasy bi-phase Wrinkle Remover (make-up remover, but also a skin toner).

Viamerine (Aldivia), vegetable-derivedOleic/Linoleic/Linolenic Polyglyceridesat 5% positively affectedskin hydration and wrinkle reduction. It can be used as a lanolin replacement.

Oat Lipid e Oil (Oat Cosmetics) is one of the few vegetable oils that contain natural ceramides – ceramides are present in the protective skin barrier layer – as well as skin identical fatty acids to aid repair of the barrier layer. It is also rich in anti-oxidants and phospholipids to aid moisturisation.

Ultra O Active (Natura-tec), olive oil unsaponifiables, has anti-oxidant activity, has an anti-glycation effect, and boosts SPF due to its anti-inflammatory activity.

And let’s not forget the scalp…

aMaloCoat AD (Cosmetic Ingredients) is an anhydrous, pourable dispersion based on zinc pyrithione, a well-known trusted anti-dandruff agent, which can be used successfully in leave-in treatments at 0.1% active.

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