Sunscreen challenges, solutions and novel formulations

Kobo Products’s launch of its TNSS dispersions assist sunscreen formulators and manufacturers in overcoming the tough challenges in South Africa, such as achieving the required UVA and UVB protection required to substantiate claims on their packaging, as well as offering adequate protection for dark African skin.

Does the minimum order quantities of the ingredients you need to manufacture mascara or eyeliners prevent you from manufacturing these at all? Mascon LT100, patented technology, combines the core ingredients for a mascara or eyeliner system at an optimized ratio, into one concentrated form, with only a few additional raw materials needed in the aqueous phase for a completed formula.

Novel new formulations include a coloured stick for hair to mask grey hair, an SPF 40 W/O Aerosol BB cream and an SPF 27.5 W/O Milky sunscreen.