Utilising the goodness of Oats in a serum

Oat Cosmetics published a lightweight, Silicone-Free Facial Serum using their three flagship ingredients Oat® Silk 12, Oat® COM USP and Oat® Lipid e (one of the few vegetable oils containing natural ceramides), acting as an antioxidant complex.

This luxurious formulation leaves the skin immediately soft, silky and matte, with lasting effects. The skin is nourished but not left greasy. Contact us for the formulation.

Colloidal Oatmeal has a number of other benefits too such as cleansing, buffering, moisturising, soothing, protecting and anti-irritating because it contains high levels of betaglucans, tocopherol and avenanthramides.

Oat® COM USP and Oat® Silk 12 both have oil-absorption properties which, at 1-3% reduces the greasiness of sunscreen formulations significantly. Their mattifying property is very useful in colour cosmetics and face creams.

Oat Lipid e has excellent stability, readily absorbs into the skin, is rich in phospholipids and high in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.