Did you know? Mongongo oil plus UV light forms a protective shield on hair

Aldivia focused on hair this year, launching their Nutrivia Hair formulations, using their Viamerines (100% natural fatty acid glycerides) and Viatenza (polyglycerol 6- and 10-esters) ingredients.

The Deep repair pre-shampoo hair balm contains Viamerine WH60 (Hydroxystearic/Linoleic/Oleic glycerides) and Viatenza Mongongo PO6 which hydrates the hair and forms a protective film on the hair fiber. Viatenza Mongongo PO6 is a non-ionic, amphophilic compound which enables Mongongo Nut oil to be introduced into an aqueous solution without adding a solubilising agent. It is also used as a co-emulsifier, emollient and co-surfactant. Viatenza Mongongo PO6 contains a particular fatty acid, alpha eleostearic acid, which is able to polymerise when exposed to UV light, forming a protective film – a very useful property in hair care products.