Sunscreen solutions for dark skin

It has always been challenging to formulate high UVA/UVB protection for dark skin. High levels of organic sunscreens lead to relatively greasy products, which, especially on faces, do not appeal to the majority of the South African population. Inorganic sunscreens, even in its micronized form can still give skin a very ashy look.

There is a solution to this problem though: Seiwa Kasei’s Silasoma range of water-dispersible, silk-encapsulated organic sunscreens enable chemists to formulate high SPF sunscreens without the negatives usually associated with high sunscreen protection. Silasoma is an aqueous microcapsule dispersion. The smooth spherical wall consists of peptide/silicone hybrid polymer which contain 90% UV absorbers, having a diameter of approximately 2µm. These microcapsules eliminate any safety, sensorial or odour issues that are commonly associated with organic sunscreens. Silasoma, being water-dispersible, largely eliminates the use of emulsifiers and surfactants, and can be used in sprayable sunscreens, gels, baby products and hair care. Though Silasoma, and combinations of the different variants in the range, can be used on its own, we propose that, for the South African market, it be considered as a third sunscreen component in combination with organic and inorganic sunscreens, because the challenge lies in being able to offer high sunscreen protection without the adverse effects especially on dark skin.

If the sunscreen is formulated into the product as secondary protection, i.e. into a skin care product for daily use, the Silasoma range provides a pleasant, non-greasy, low irritation base to which anti-ageing and other actives can be added.

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