Sodium Linolenoyl Hayluronate for age spots and Enerine for under-eye bags

Contipro, well-known for their Ecocerted, yeast derived hyaluronic acid launched HyWhite (sodium linolenoyl hyaluronate), an amphiphilic molecule with improved penetration into the skin and skin cells. 

This molecule has a dual function of inhibiting tyrosinase activity as well as increasing tyrosinase degradation, resulting in the reduction of pigmented spots, increased colour homogeneity and skin whitening at levels as low as 0,005%.

Enhance microchondrial energy and reduce under-eye bags with Contipro’s award-winning hexapeptide, Enerine. Additional anti-ageing benefits are improved skin barrier, improved skin elasticity, decreased sebum production and reduction of pore size as well as the number of skin pores.