Oil blends and Triglycerides

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Durosoft® GMO(Glyceryl mono oleate), derived from sunflower seed oil and rapeseed oil, is EO- and PEG-free. HLB is 4.

Durosoft® GMS(Glyceryl mono stearate), derived from rapeseed oil, is a thickener and is EO- and PEG-free. HLB is 4.

Durosoft® GMS-SG(Glyceryl mono stearate), derived from responsibly sourced (RSPO) palm oil, is a thickener and is EO- and PEG- free. HLB is 5.

Durosoft® GML-SG(Glyceryl mono laurate), derived from responsibly sourced (RSPO) palm kernel oil and rapeseed oil, is an emollient, and is EO- and PEG-free. HLB is 6.

Durosoft® PG4-O(Polyglyceryl-4-oleate), derived from sunflowerseed oil, is a W/O emulsifier with HLB 4 – 6. It is cold-processable.

Durosoft® PG4L-SG(Polyglyceryl-4-laurate), derived from responsibly sourced (RSPO) palm kernel oil and sunflower oil, is an O/W emulsifier with HLB 8 – 10. It is cold-precessable and can form sprayable micro-emulsions.

Durosoft® PG10-O(Polyglyceryl-10-oleate, derived from sunflower seed oil, is a mid HLB emulsifier with HLB 8 – 10, compatible with water. It is EO- and PEG-free.

Durosoft® PG10L-SG(Polyglyceryl-10-laurate), derived from responsibly sourced palm kernel oil, is a mid/high HLB emulsifier with HLB 11 – 12, and is EO- and PEG-free.

Durosoft® PG10CY-MB(Polyglyceryl-10-caprylate), derived from palm kernel oil and sunflower oil is a solubiliser with HLB 13 – 14 and is EO and PEG-free. Its solubilising properties compares well with well-known traditional solubilsers.


All these ingredients are vegan.


Viamerine® range– COSMOS approved, multifunctional patented ingredient range (various molecular weights) is based on oleic, linoleic, linolenic and hydroxystearic acids (100% vegetable origin, based on green chemistry)). As anti-ageing ingredients, they are sensorial, deeply hydrating with a visible plumping effect (wrinkle reduction) within one hour of application.

In colour cosmetics, Viamerine® contributes to water resistance.

In sunscreens Viamerine® boosts the SPF value.

In hair care Viamerine® conditions and protects.

Viatenza® range– COSMOS approved, water-dispersible oils (includes African oils) based on polyglycerols, 100% vegetable origin based on green chemistry.

Viatenza® can be used in foaming formulations – will not suppress foaming properties – and cleansing wipes (leave an emollient afterfeel). It eases rinsibilty in cleansing oils, massage and bath oils.

In colour cosmetic, Viatenza® Ricinus PO6 has a higher refractive index that castor oil used as is, and results in higher viscosity that castor oil on its own. Viatenza® Ricinus PO6 is also a good pigment dispersant.



Abi-Latum SC (Glycine soja (soybean) oil and hydrogenated cotton seed oil) is a cost-effective blend which could be used as a natural alternative to petrolatum.

Hydro-Kote® M (Hydrogenated Palm Kernel oil with soy lecithin) is a replacement for cocoa butter, excellent stability, low irritation. Used in lipsticks, pomades, glosses, antiperspirants.

Acconon®CC-6 (PEG-6 Caprylic / Capric glycerides) is a non-ionic water-soluble emollient, emulsifying agent (HLB 12.5), secondary surfactant with re-fatting properties. It is recommended for hair care and bath products.

Capmul®MCM (Caprylic / Capric mono-and diglycerides) is an excellent solvent for many organic compounds, a useful emulsifier for W/O (water-in-oil) systems and is recommended for creams, lotions, ointments and lipsticks.

Caprol® PGE 860 (Polyglycerol -10 mono / dioleate (polyglycerol ester) is a non-ionic, non-alkoxylated multifunctional hydrophilic (oil in water) emulsifier. It could be an alternative to selected polysorbate or other alkoxylated emulsifiers. It is also a viscosity modifier, foam enhancer, wetting agent, lubricant and solubiliser.

Captex® 100 (Propylene glycol dicaprate (or propylene didecanoate)) is an excellent solubiliser, skin emollient (creams and lotions), penetration enhancer, produces a smooth, non-greasy, powdery after feel with shine (suncare and hair care products) and is a replacement for mineral oil. Good for make-up removal.

Captex® 170 (Coco-caprylate / caprate (polar lipids)) used in deodorant sticks (gels and topical), creams and lotions.

Captex® 200 (Propylene glycol dicaprylate / caprate) is a solubiliser, skin conditioning agent, emollient used in liquid foundations and colour cosmetics, excellent lubricity.

Captex SBE (Caprylic / Capric / Palmitic / Stearic triglyceride) is a non-hydrogenated, low trans-structured lipid designed to be used by itself or as an extender for speciality butters and has extremely good oxidative stability. Eliminates graininess typically associated with speciality butters.


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